I am okay with giving myself a break

I LOVE being a mom, there is no job I would rather do.  There are mostly good moments in a day, and then intermingled there are some moments of wanting to escape.  Sweet Jamesy Boy was teething this past week, he had a hard week, which meant that I had a hard week.  I always thought I was a patient person, until I became a mom and then I realized I had a long ways to go.


After Jamesy boy was born I figured out what was hard for me having small little angels at foot all the time.  I never got to do what I wanted to do.  While my little boys are awake, all I wanted to do was clean the house, all I wanted to do was read a book, do anything but feel trapped.

To be honest though, when I do have time to myself, I very rarely do anything productive.  For some reason when the boys are a sleep it is my break from anything productive.  Some days I feel guilty about it, and other days I do not.

I finally had clarity of mind that for me I need to pace myself.  I cannot go, go, go all the time.  And the times that I have tried that technique, I start falling apart during the bewitching hour.  By the way I love the word bewitching, who thought of that phrase is a genius!  So I have rejuvenating times, they are called naptime, and when the kids go to bed.

During these times I should be exercising, reading the scriptures, writing on a blog, cleaning the house, making dinner, fulfilling church assignments but instead I find myself taking a nap, staring at the computer, or something else that is completely useless. But you know what these priceless hours rejuvenate me to be handle the intense parts of the day, or shall I say when my boys are not at school or napping:)

Everyone has their own way to cope with how to get through the day, and this is mine. And that is why for the most part while I should feel guilty, I feel like I am learning how to get through this gig of being a mom with small little children, that love you so much and require so much, HAPPILY!


Link Party Tips and Highlights


I have such a fun time linking up to all the fun parties out there. And have learned some tips along the way, that might help you out!

Tips and Tricks!

1. The Earlier the Better it is to link up your post, because the more exposure you will get as people are going through the list either to post their own link or anyone else passing through.

2. It is nice to comment on Links that inspire you. Not only is it a friendly gesture. But I know that every person who has commented on the Hoops by Hand blog, I immediately go to their blog to see who they are, and see in what way I can support them by pinning posts on their blog, and liking their Facebook page.

3. Do not spend to much time Linking up that you get so sick of linking up that you never want to do it again! Slow and steady wins the race. Set a limit whether it be blogs you link up to or the amount of time you want to spend linking up to. Because there will always be more Link Parties out there and it will get overwhelming. Which is why I always support the Link parties who leave a comment on my blog and who I felt I have developed a relationship with.

4. When you are amongst the blogs linking every week, you will find opportunities to promote you blog. On Christina’s Adventures, and Naptime Creations, they were asking for someone who would like to guest post and I was more than happy to. And they were kind enough to let me:) I never would have known about it though if I had not been linking up to their blogs on a consistent basis.

5. Do not spend so much time Linking up that you do not have enough time to create something for your blog! Remember the content of your blog is the most important thing. Because lets be honest, Linking up to parties could be a full time job, with how many there are out there. So focus on your blog content and if you happen to miss Link Parties that week, you can always link up your project the next week. It is more important to keep your audience captivated!

Here are some Link Parties to help you get Started

101+ Link Parties – I appreciate the blogs that have a section where they link up to because when I was starting out, I did not know the first thing about where to begin, until I found My Girlish Whims and her list:)

Night Before Link Parties – These parties help me be on the top of the Link Party list when I am not able to link first thing in the morning.

Link Party Highlights

1. When someone leaves me a comment on Hoops By Hand I get so excited! Because of their kindness in leaving me a message, I try to respond to their message by saying Thank you or try to answer their question. I feel it is the least I can do for them taking time out of their day to leave such a nice comment.

2. Hoops by Hand was featured and to say that we were excited, would be a total understatement! When Hoops by Hand was featured, I instantly liked their page, became a follower and instantly became their biggest fan.

3. I love to pin a lot as I am browsing through the Link Parties while linking up my own. This helps the pinterest world because you are providing the most current ideas that are on the web.

Tales of the Shop

ANG56 My parents are in California right now in fact they are at Disneyland. Why? Because they are bringing my brother Thomas and his lovely wife back home to Utah! I am a little jealous to say the least! This picture was taken on my Senior trip to California, it was a great trip and is known as the “Lighthouse trip” because while I was walking towards the lighthouse on the beach my family was looking for me… Luckily it all worked out, and my family will not let me forget about my ambitious walk:)

Making a ring with an Earring!

My neighbor came over about a month ago to learn about how to make jewelry. We had been talking about making jewelry for over a year and we finally did it.

I asked her what she wanted to learn. And she said that she just wanted to borrow my tools and wire and use them to make up her own designs.

I was more than thrilled because I was able to learn from her. I have never worked with beads before. It never occurred to me that beads could and should be used in jewelry designs.

So instead of me teaching my neighbor, she taught me.

Here is a beautiful ring she made, using a post of an earring and wire.

DSC_0369 DSC_0370 DSC_0371 DSC_0372 DSC_0375
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What do you do with Thrift Store Jewelry?

I LOVE thrift stores. Being the wife of a student for eight going on nine years, and not seeing it end any time soon. I have learned to love Thrift stores, the price is just right:)

There was a time when I thought that Thrift stores were not my thing. Then I went to church and saw one of my buddies wearing the cutest skirt. I had to know where she got it. She said she got it at a Thrift store, and since then, I have not been able to stop going. One of my favorite combinations of all time is a thrift store with half off days:)

I love the color turquoise. I found these strands of necklaces at the Thrift store for $2.00 and could not resist. I didn’t really like the look of the single strand necklace that reached super low and had the tendency to get caught in everything, kids included…

So with the genius of my neighbor she found a way to make it shorter and cuter!


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How to make Dangle Earrings with Beads

Happy New Year! I am loving the year 2015 so far. It is mainly because I just celebrated my birthday at the Great Wolf Lodge, and it was AWESOME! It could be because this year I am not pregnant…who knows, all I know is that it will only get better!

To make up for my lack of jewelry posts this past year, I am going to make it up to you by actually doing a jewelry post. Which involves beads, Sterling Silver wire, pen and pliers.


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