My Angel – Grant

In the midst of all the boys, there is a calm presence. His name is Grant.

I did not know that babies could be so quiet and even tempered. This temperament has continued with him.


He is the one I can rely on to help me with James, in fact he is always wanting to make sure that James is all right.  He is the first to tell me if James is crying.

DSC_0179 DSC_0165 DSC_0055 DSC_0163

When I ask him to do something he follows through with it, and often reminds me of all the promises I made him. Which is so unfortunate at times.


He loves otter pops, and has 10 during the summer days, and at least one a day in the winter.

Whenever I start a project he helps me see it to the end.  Like making sugar cookies:)  And reminds me of appointments that I need to do because he thinks I forget everything.  When I punish him, he says you will forget you said that.  And he is right!


You love Zach with all of your heart, and you two are inseparable. When Zach was invited to a party you cried for two hours because you just wanted to be with Zach. I wonder sometimes if you think you are the same age as Zach:)


You and Bennett are working things out, and I know one day you will be best friends!


You are the first of my boys to actually sit down and work on a worksheet for longer than five minutes. When you were three you put together a 100 piece puzzle of Power Rangers over and over again. You continue to amaze me!


During Dinner time you are constantly on the go and have a hard time sitting down. You do have the best moves, and you are just working off what you are eating:)



Traditions are a BIG Deal for you. If we did something festive last year for a holiday, you make sure it happens again. Your favorite thing to do is hide the Birthday Presents for others, and make sure we do the Circle of Love (That is everyone goes around the circle and says something nice about the Birthday guy or gal).



You are right in the middle of things calling the shots.





Another fun thing that has happened this year is that you actually tell me how your day was at school.  This has never happened in the Johnson family before, thank you for opening up!


Oh Grant how we need you in this family. Thank you for being a part of our family, WE LOVE YOU!


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