I had a bad day!

Bedtime at our house is a little rough.  The boys don’t want to see the day end, and Timmy and I want them to go to bed SOOOO Badly.

This is also the time when the boys announce all their hopes and dreams in an attempt to extend the inevitable bed time hour.

Zach wanted to throw snowballs in the dark.  Jump on the bed, have several bedtime snacks…there were more requests that somehow got lost in translation.  The bottom line is that there were so many unfulfilled dreams.

But I want to remind you my sweet boy that you did play out in the snow for an hour, and then at night to see the pretty Christmas lights.




We read you lots and lots of books throughout the day.


You ate A LOT of food including your favorite chicken with bones and mashed potatoes.


And NO you still cannot jump on the bed!


So Zach it is hard to remember the good things of the day, when the last hour of your day was an attempt to calm you down enough to lay down on your bed, which unfortunately did not correlate with your hopes and dreams.


BUT I want you to always remember that you are not a bad boy just because your actions were not stellar.  Just like I am not a bad mom, when I have my MOMENTS.

The thing is Zach we are learning together, and luckily we have tomorrow to begin anew.  A fresh day that will be wonderful, and probably end in tragedy again…

Just remember the good times, because life overall is good.  There is bad sprinkled in, but do not let it ruin what was and is good.


And please remember that Mommy and Daddy will always love there little Zachy!

Even more so because you jumped on the bed:)

Love always,

Your mommy:)


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