Family Home Evening – An evening of Triumph and Terror

Every Monday we hold Family Home Evening:  This is How it usually goes:

Grant Conducts the meeting.  Even if we are on a rotating chart, he insists on Conducting the meeting:


Prayer is usually Mommy or Daddy because by this time during the day, the boys have felt they said enough prayers.


The Song is always by Bennett, no matter how hard we try to get someone else to do it.  He rises to the occasion and wants us to sing Bob the Builder, Hotwheels song, or Jack and the Neverland Pirates.  The only righteous song he chooses is “I Often Go Walking”  How he conducts the song is that he runs around the room while singing.


The Scripture is the Articles of Faith, we are trying to memorize them.  Zach is doing a great job!


The Lesson is usually by Daddy, because Mommy is tired by this point of the day, and Daddy arrived home just an hour ago, and has a full head of steam and patience, which is super key!

We usually do not have an activity because we feel like their life is an activity and it would extend Family Home Evening another hour or so, and bedtime has already come and gone.



WE NEVER MISS THE SNACK, EVER.  My boys think that the Snack is the only part of Family Home Evening we need to do.


Our most successful Family Home Evening has been Fire Safety.

Our least successful Family Home Evening is…it is hard to choose.

But we keep on doing it anyway, even though most of the time it ends up like this!



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