Skate the Dream

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would put any of my kids in hockey.  Even in Canada I saw the going rate of what hockey costs, and I thought…um no.  BUT then a miracle happened.  There is a program called Skate the Dream that costs a mere 10 dollars.  For your 10 dollars you get to borrow all the hockey equipment and they clean it for you for the following week.


The course runs for 9 sessions from January to March, it happens every Monday from 6-8 pm.  Coaches provided, basically the works. So all this combined, I thought…all right all right.  I guess I’ll sign my sweet Zach up for hockey.


And guess what?  He loved it!  There are so many layers of pads and a helmet that when you fall, it does not hurt.

I don’t think we have a professional hockey player on our hands.  In fact the first time out on the ice, Grant started crying because Zach kept falling.


But true to the Zach style that we know and love, he kept trying, and never gave up.


This program was awesome, I can’t wait to sign up both of my boys next year.  They say if I have one more child, I would have a whole hockey team:)


The best part was that at the end there was a family skate, and Zach helped his brothers learn the ropes of all that he learned.


Grant was taking it all in, and sweet Bennett fell once, and all fury broke loose!


Jamsey boy our Canadian has just barely learned to walk, but maybe I’ll put him in skates next year…


Now I am starting to understand why hockey is huge in Canada, they make it possible for everyone to play hockey.  There are hockey rinks in backyards, parks, there are hockey nets and sticks everywhere, it is truly a phenomenon.

DSC_0634 DSC_0616 DSC_0644

Yet another reason why I love Canada, they embrace the culture of coldness and make the most of the crazy cold weather, with Hockey and Tim Hortens of course:)



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