How to make Earrings for your Perfect Necklace!

The other day I got an unexpected, urgent, knock on the door. Inside rushed my neighbor who needed my jewelry tools and wire to make the pair of perfect earrings for her amazing necklace. She had a wedding for her brother to prepare for and she wanted everything to be perfect.

I loved the necklace she chose. WOWZERS:)

DSC_0051She then went to Michaels to choose out some beads to go along with her necklace. Luckily she found the perfect match.


Using Pliers and French Hooks (I bought these French Hooks for sale at Michaels, but there are a lot of tutorials on how to make a French Hook)


She was able to create these stunning pair of earrings:



Now she has the perfect set!


So next time you have found the perfect necklace and wonder how in the world you can make earrings to go with the set. Just find some beads, wire, and pliers and you can make anything!


My neighbor was kind enough to give me a pair of the exact earrings.

That is also the beauty of finding a set of beads, instead of one pair of earrings you could make several pairs of earrings as gifts!


Tales of the Shop:

I will miss not being able to spend Christmas with my family this year. The farther we move away and the more kids/blessings we add to our family, the harder it is to travel. But I am grateful to have such an amazing family and thankful for Skype to make them seem not so far away.

We love to see my husbands family during thee holidays. But this year we will not be able to go. Luckily we will be able to see everyone this summer for a HUGE family reunion.


This year it will be just my little family, we shall see how it goes:)



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