Making a ring with an Earring!

My neighbor came over about a month ago to learn about how to make jewelry. We had been talking about making jewelry for over a year and we finally did it.

I asked her what she wanted to learn. And she said that she just wanted to borrow my tools and wire and use them to make up her own designs.

I was more than thrilled because I was able to learn from her. I have never worked with beads before. It never occurred to me that beads could and should be used in jewelry designs.

So instead of me teaching my neighbor, she taught me.

Here is a beautiful ring she made, using a post of an earring and wire.

DSC_0369 DSC_0370 DSC_0371 DSC_0372 DSC_0375
DSC_0383 DSC_0385 DSC_0386

SO there you have it. I have been making jewelry for awhile and know there is a lot for me to learn. Her method of keeping the wire and the post hooked together is she used the prong of the earring to loop the wire through and keep it in place. To make the ring round she wrapped it around a pencil and then used her finger to make it bigger.

I am grateful for this opportunity to once again become the student:) We have had a couple of more jewelry making sessions since then, and you will not believe the designs coming up…Just in time for the Holiday season.

Tales of the Shop:

I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!! I would be that crazy cat lady if I could. The only problem is that they don’t like me. It must be because I love them too much:) A little while ago our beautiful Maine Coone Cat named Ping passed away. She is the nicest cat we have ever had, and was actually supposed to be my cat. I called my dad up in February eight years ago and said that there were some Maine Coone cats for sale and I wanted him to keep the cat until my husband and I settled down…ANG12

What ended up happening is that we found out that my husband is allergic to cats and we have not quite settled down eight years later. In fact we have flat out switched countries!

My boys understood that the Nice kitty aka Ping was their’s and they could visit her through Skype and when we visited Utah. Thank you mom and dad for taking care of such a precious kitty. Here is a video of her fetching a pencil, she truly was an amazing cat!



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