Newborn Survival Guide


I was supposed to have this post written this morning, but I am at the mercy of a six week old little angel. This post is not jewelry related but it is what is on my mind, and I thought maybe would be helpful to others. This is my fourth little boy, and each time I have forgotten how rough the first six weeks are of a newborn. So this list is for me to remember what it is like!

What I have learned these past six weeks.

1. Breastfeeding will get better. This time it was especially hard for me. I was not getting enough milk at first, so I pumped and I was able to get my supply of milk going again. I need to remind myself that all the pain will not last forever, after a week, it will not hurt, hopefully!

2. It is okay to take a month off of life. I know that it is not possible for everyone to do that, but in order for me to handle a new baby, I only do what I have to do:) I accidentally missed some appointments, but I have found that people are very forgiving and will reschedule:)

3. I will not get a lot of sleep, but I will be okay. Even though I will lose lots of things, including a GPS.

4. Fiber is your best friend!

5. I will get sick a couple of weeks after the baby is born, guaranteed. The goal is to not get super sick! This time I got by with a sore throat, rash and fever. And I think my husband won’t get pneumonia this time around:)

6. I will get frustrated a lot, and feel overwhelmed. But I find that if I talk through things with my mom or my sweet husband, I see what is bothering me and I find a way to help me through it.

7. There are so many kind people out there! I have been in Canada for 8 months and I got a lot of help. Meals and gifts came, people offered to help with the boys. The congratulations, encouragement and love was very helpful, encouraging and deeply appreciated. The world is full of so many amazing people, and it is a privilege to have them as my friends. They have been lifesavers especially with my family far away.

8. I had my mom come not when the baby was born but when I needed her most, which was Spring Break. I knew that it would be rough having all four boys all week without any help. She came and literally saved the day. She played with the boys, cleaned my house, went shopping, helped me with meal plans, and watched Jane Austen movies at night. It was a sad day when she left, but she left me energized and ready to take on the world. Aren’t moms amazing?



9. You will need lots of pads, fluids just keep on coming! Fluids also keep coming out of your newborn as well!

10. Netflix, Frozen and computers are my favorite things!



11. Enjoy your little guy as time and sanity permits. This is my fourth sweet boy, and the older I get, the more I realize how awesome this newborn phase is. It is not an easy time but very rewarding.


12. Remember to eat good food and drink water. It is sad that I need to do remind myself to eat, but there are a lot of needs around the house, and there are times when I forget to take care of myself.

13. Take pictures. A part of me wants him to grow up so he can be a little more independent, but then I don’t want him to grow up at the same time. If possible take newborn pictures, but if that sounds overwhelming, then just do whatever you want:)


14. Protect your little baby from his very affectionate brothers. I find myself doing a boy check at all times to make sure all is safe and sound in our fun household.


15. Remember to take video footage of your sweet little guy, because right now I am in survival mode and will not remember everything clearly.

16. I need to remember to focus on my other boys, and whenever time allows to hold each one and let them know how much I love them, and how much their new baby brother loves them as well:)


DSC_0002 DSC_0180 DSC_0045Tales of the Shop
And the winner of the free jewelry kit is Katherine from Katherines Corner. I will e-mail you the information! Congratulations:)


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