The perfect Earrings to go with your favorite necklace.

So I just had finished the whole post on how to make your Perfect Earrings, and lo and behold, I did something crazy and deleted it all! What are the chances? It is amazing how one slip of the hand can cause such devastation. Luckily I was not writing a thesis or you know something I worked on for decades. But still!!!!!!

Here is hoping that this post will be as coherent as the last post, but I guarantee you one thing, it will probably be a lot shorter:) Because it might happen again…

It is very rare that I buy jewelry, because my dad is the jeweler, and I tell my husband all the time that he is so lucky that he does not have to worry about getting me jewelry! I am sure he appreciates it:)

There are on occasion that I do buy jewelry, and when I do it is usually at a Thrift store, or my neighbor comes over with her amazing finds and then asks to borrow my jewelry tools which I happily oblige to do.

She had found this beautiful necklace at Platos Closet, and wanted to make earrings. So she looked at the necklace and thought, I think I know where my earrings will come from.


Why not use your necklace to make earrings? She is a genius!


The tools needed are:

A cool necklace


Wire cutters – Did you know that no matter how sharp your scissors are it will not cut through wire? Just wanted to let you know that before you happen to ruin your fabric cutting scissors!

Round nose pliers – to make some French Hoop Earrings or if your earrings fall out of your ear on a regular basis, this design will help you even more!

Jewelry pliers

Another cool way that you can attach your earring is like this. Find some stud earrings, loop the back of the earring through the wire and then put the post in the back of you ear to fasten it.

That may not have made sense, so here is a picture!

DSC_0970 DSC_0973

Hopefully this helps with the hunt for the elusive Valentines day gift!

DSC_0943 DSC_0940 DSC_0938

Tales of the Shop:

Valentines day has always been a holiday that I have never dreaded. For several reasons.

1. The candy

DSC_02042. The flowers that you canfind in the dumpster after Valentines Day



3. Fond memories of Elementary school days. I got the biggest kick out of making the valentines day box, and taking a long time finding the perfect valentine for each of the kids in my class.


4. Helping my boys with their Valentines.DSC_0043

5. And I love my Valentine!



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